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Digital Technology

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Tricia Mockler, DDS

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Technological advancements have vastly improved dental care in recent decades, and choosing a practice that incorporates those advanced tools can greatly improve your experience. Tricia Mockler, DDS, spends considerable time researching advanced dental tools and digital technology, bringing only the best platforms to her practice in Cupertino, California. Explore your options during a one-on-one consultation, which you can book online or by phone today.

Digital Technology Q & A

How does digital technology enhance dental care?

Digital technology has revolutionized dental care in a number of ways. From the treatment planning stage to the materials used in treatments and the procedures themselves, digital technology has changed dental care for the better in terms of quality, speed, and aesthetic appeal. 

Dr. Mockler is passionate about the role that technology plays in dental care, and she goes to great lengths to ensure her practice remains on the cutting edge of the industry. She invests significant time and energy researching the latest platforms and systems and routinely upgrades her dental technology. 

Digital imaging is an excellent example of the technological transformation of dentistry. Today’s intraoral scanning systems produce instant 3D images that present a clear picture of the soft and hard tissues within the mouth. This perspective allows Dr. Mockler to create customized treatment plans that are both safe and effective. 

How can digital technology help me understand my treatment path?

Dr. Mockler uses the iTeroⓇ intraoral scanning system to gather digital imaging, replacing the need for traditional X-rays. You’ll be able to see a three-dimensional representation of your teeth, bone, and soft tissues, with no need for uncomfortable trays filled with gooey impression material. 

This helps you visualize the way your teeth are aligned as well as the health of your bone tissue. You’ll even be able to see a digital mock-up of how your smile will look after restorations are complete, allowing you to make the best possible treatment decisions for your specific needs. 

In addition to 3D X-ray imaging, panoramic images are also possible, helping you see the entire span of teeth in one view. All of these options take very little time, and they’re both safe and comfortable. 

Dr. Mockler also incorporates digital technology into her scheduling and recordkeeping systems. This allows the administrative staff to maintain and store your personal dental records efficiently, and it also makes it easy to transfer those records if needed. Even billing and scheduling are made easier through digital technology. 

What is the role of telehealth in dentistry?

Telehealth is a mode of care that connects patients and practitioners without the need to share the same physical location. In light of recent worldwide health challenges, the ability to connect with a trusted dental professional from the comfort of home can bring considerable peace of mind. 

While there are certainly limitations to what can be accomplished through telehealth, there are also benefits. For example, if you suffer a dental emergency, the ability to create an online video connection with Dr. Mockler and her staff can help determine your next steps. 

To learn more about the role of digital technology in Dr. Mockler’s practice, call today to book a visit, or use the easy online scheduling tool to find a time that fits your busy life.